Becoming a FirstService Residential Certified Vendor

Becoming a Vendor

To become a FirstService Residential Certified Vendor click here to register now or read below for more information.

Already providing services to FirstService Residential-managed associations?

You're familiar with our vendor qualification process and we'd like to thank you for having teamed with us to provide the insurance, business, and license information our clients rely upon when they select your company to serve their communities. It goes without saying that your goal is the same as ours: to serve our association clients well and ensure that they are protected from unanticipated cost and risk by engaging licensed, insured vendors.

Not yet providing services to FirstService Residential's clients?

Our clients trust and expect us to deliver the very best. That's why we are extremely selective in reviewing the qualifications of the companies that serve the communities we manage. We seek business partners that share our commitment to on-time, on-target, and on-the-money customer service. If that describes you, we invite you to become a FirstService Residential Certified Vendor.

We have partnered with an independent business credentialing company - Business Credentialing Services (BCS) – to manage the certification process. New vendors are required to complete a vendor registration to become a Certified Vendor which includes providing copies of certification of licenses, W9 forms, insurance as well as completing a questionnaire. Vendors are required to provide answers that are true, correct and current. You must register your company online through our third party partner, Business Crediting Services (BCS). After submission and approval, vendors must agree to notify FirstService Residential immediately, via the BCS website, to change the online records for your company if there is any occurrence or condition that may affect an association's decision to engage or to continue to work with their firm. Examples include but are not limited to: changes in insurance coverage and licenses.

Benefits you'll realize include:

  • An online registration portal to speed the process and eliminate paper;
  • Accessible, knowledgeable staff who work directly with you and your insurance agent to assist you in meeting requirements and staying current; and
  • The opportunity to upload marketing materials to a secure database. Our managers will be able to view your materials as they assist our boards in selecting service providers.

Vendors meeting the requirements earn the designation of Certified Vendor. Two levels are available:

Certified Gold

  • Vendors who are Certified Gold provide additional insured language on the Certificate of Insurance that states "FirstService Residential and any of its managed Associations."
  • This classification allows all FirstService Residential Community Managers to present your company to their boards with the knowledge that their associations are already covered by your insurance.

Certified Silver

  • Vendors who are Certified Silver meet the minimum requirements but the additional insured language on the Certificate of Insurance names specific FirstService Residential managed associations.
  • This classification allows FirstService Residential Community Managers to be confident in presenting your company to their boards, but will require that you first provide appropriate additional insured endorsements specific to each community to which you would like to provide services.

BCS charges each registering vendor an annual fee of ninety-five dollars ($95) for verifying that your relevant insurance coverage and licensing meet all requirements. The fee is paid directly to BCS.

To become a Certified Vendor click here to register now.